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Anime Scholar: A Site for Scholastic Otakus!

Greetings, fellow anime/manga scholar!

If you’ve found my page, you already know why you are here. You’ve come to me because deep inside your heart, you have long thirsted for a place of refuge in a world that refuses to adapt to change: A world that stands in denial of the limitless diversity of tastes in the twenty-first century! You have grown weary of searching through row after row of library books, only to discover seemingly infinite volumes critiquing the unrelatable plays of Shakespeare, the tiresome ramblings of Descartes, or the drugged-up fiction of Aldous Huxley. And why is there an entire shelf devoted just to Lord of the Flies?

You do a double take, and ask yourself, again: Where are the scholastic critiques of my favorite anime/manga? In a just world, they would be right here in the Nonfiction section, ready and waiting for you to add them all to your homebound stack! But in the end, your expectations have been so lowered that you count yourself fortunate even to come across the pathetic anthill of manga hidden away in the farthest corner of the Children’s section of the library. You find your favorite series. It is woefully incomplete, with volumes missing here and there. The covers are torn and several pages are ripped. Some moronic kid has scribbled pictures of unicorns over some of the most beautiful drawings inside your favorite volume. However, you feel like a starving child who has finally found a scrap of bread. Clutching it tightly to your heart, you take it to the checkout counter because you don’t think you can get a better deal. Not without spending money, anyway. But you know what? You deserve better!

What you truly hunger for, my otaku friend, is a scholarly resource that explores anime/manga as the classics that they are! You need look no further. You have found your true resting place. So come friend, come. Take my hand and fly away with me to the Neverland of Anime Scholarship! Together we will forge our own library of scholastic research based on themes from our favorite anime/manga! Let me fill that empty library shelf for you.

Your Otaku,

Anime Scholar